About the Trip

In July 2013 I will embark on a 500 km bike ride from Vancouver, BC to the base of Mount Rainier in Washington. From here I will climb approximately 10,000 vertical feet to the summit of the mountain and then descend the mountain on skis. After a day or two of rest I will then cycle back home to Vancouver.

The climbing route up Mount Rainier

The climbing route up Mount Rainier

My goal in doing this trip is to raise money for research of Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases (SARDs). This is a group of autoimmune (AI) diseases which includes Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Wegener’s Granulomatosis (which I suffer from) and many other rare conditions. There is no cure for most of these diseases. I want to prove to myself and others afflicted with similar conditions that it is still possible to live an active and adventurous life after diagnosis. All of the money I raise during this expedition will go directly to the Arthritis Society of Canada for specific research projects.

The Team

I would like to highlight the people who are planning to assist me with this expedition as a member of the team. This section will grow over the next few months as new members commit or sign up.

  • Marie-Helene Marshall: My wife. She will certainly be my primary supporter and plans to come on the trip with me from start to finish (maybe not completing the whole trip, but being there)
  • Jane and Mike Marshall: My parents. They will be helping with a support vehicle and taking care of my dog. They have also been a huge help in drumming up donations.
  • Bob Marshall: My fitter younger brother. He plans to join me for as much of the trip as he can (being a new father and all…)
  • Ashley Weber: One of my closest friends since we were 9 years old. A key member of the climbing team and plans to lead the way for the entire trip.
  • Steve and Sarah Marshall: They have been instrumental in the success of the kick off party and will be joining me for the entire trip.
  • Andrew Legate and Christine Ward: Andrew plans to join us for the whole trip with Christine riding, hiking, and assisting Marie in getting the support vehicle down.
  • Andre-Jean Maheu: AJ is the avalanche forecaster at Grouse Mountain and will be meeting us at Mount Rainier with fresh legs to help pull us up the mountain.
  • Kathleen Marshall: My sister will be hosting us for two nights in Seattle – feeding us and giving a place to camp. She has also worked hard at spreading the word south of the border.

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